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My client on fixed income just spent 150 at the supermarket, however that didnt include food!

  I received a call last night from a homeowner in Massapequa, N.Y.  This homeowner reached out to us after experiencing significant financial strain. Despite having a small mortgage, he found it increasingly difficult to cover his everyday expe

Nov 22, 2023 |

Why a Reverse Mortgage is a Smart Alternative to Using Your 401k Money

Are you considering using your hard-earned 401k money to supplement your retirement? Before you make that decision, let's explore an alternative that could potentially benefit you even more – a reverse mortgage. Over the past 20-30 years, your home

Nov 21, 2023 |

Overcoming Bad Credit: Unlocking the Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

Are you facing financial challenges and worried that your bad credit history might prevent you from exploring the benefits of a reverse mortgage? Let us debunk a common misconception for you: a reverse mortgage is not exclusively for homeowners who have p

Nov 20, 2023 |

Reverse Mortgages for Seniors 62 and older: The Facts

This unique financial tool empowers seniors to tap into the equity of their homes, providing a steady stream of income or a lump sum payment. We understand the importance of financial security in your retirement years, so let's explore some essential fact

Nov 17, 2023 |

Introducing Reverse Mortgages for Coop Owners 62 and older in New York

Are you a coop owner in New York dreaming of a comfortable retirement without financial worries? We have some exciting news for you! Finally, a reverse mortgage program for coop owners is now available in New York, making it easier than ever to live comfo

Nov 17, 2023 |

Unlocking Financial Freedom: The Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage

At Senior Management Group, we understand the importance of financial stability and independence, especially during retirement. That's why we offer a specialized mortgage solution known as a reverse mortgage, designed to help seniors unlock the value of t

Nov 16, 2023 |

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